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A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I try to document big events in this blog which I do have several albums of pictures waiting to be formed into blog posts. Anyone have some time I can borrow??

I wanted to get this on the blog before it becomes too late and awkward. As you may have seen I was pretty silent about Valentine's Day yesterday. That's because I was incredibly busy all day long! 

Last week I got sick and then within a week made a miraculous recovery that I can only attribute to God for healing my body so quickly. I was able to make it to CWF our Chapel's Christian Women's Fellowship ministry yesterday morning and instead of leading worship like I usually do, because of being sick I helped run sound. When I got back home after some errands I found Jason here and ready to have lunch with me! That was a nice surprise! After he left I put together a surprise scavenger hunt for Jason for Valentine's day! Last year we were separated due to Jason being in Rhode Island so this was a very nice time for us since our last celebration of Valentine's Day from our first year of marriage. You can find that post HERE!

We attended an evening special date night CWF which I don't have pictures for now, but will have to put in a separate blog post once those come back. 

Pardon our "deserty", yellowy lit, "lived in" home as I show you pictures of the hunt when we got back from the dinner. I wish the lighting and these pictures turned out better, but you get the idea!

To begin...

I handed Jason an envelope with the 
introduction of the game and his first riddle.

Pondering what it might mean!

He figured it out and followed it which lead him to the tv area. 
This guy took out ALL the dvds before the clue fell out into his lap.
I really didn't hide it very hard! LOL!
He did have to clean it all up. :P

Next he was lead to the bedroom
where he found the next one in the closet in his cleats!
I have to say that it was hilarious and so fun following him
all over the house as he got colder and colder
trying to understand my riddles.
You think you're so clever until you realize all the
different ways one or two sentences can be interpreted!
Great marriage communication game!

My "cutie face" thoroughly enjoying this hunt!
Somehow he managed to muss up his shirt
while searching. Where that came from who knows?
We have so much dirt and dust around here.
You can't escape it...

This riddle lead him to...
The bedroom...

Which lead him back downstairs. :P
Cause I gotta keep my man active! :D

Little secret. He found the last clue first
thanks to that misinterpretation of my first clue
and then when it was time for this clue
he couldn't figure it out!
Guess that means I need to work on my
communication skills! Hahahaha!

This last clue lead him to the final place 
where he found his "prize" at the end.

Remember last year for Easter?
THIS picture?

His excitement over a "Eesta Baskit?"
Wife win! "A Valentine's Baskit!"
Notice the identical grin. He LOVES it. Maybe even more!

As for me, I'm not really a gift person in my love language of giving or receiving, 
but that didn't stop some sneaky little military wives from 
dropping things off at my door as well as being given other things! 
The community here is incredible! 
The pink t-shirt is from Ottawa, Canada that Jason got for me while there
this past week for a business trip! He also brought home the chocolate covered
pretzels which I do have to admit are one of the few sweets I'll eat.
The chocolate is from our CWF dinner! 
I still don't know who the letter and book is from!!

Until I can post the other Valentine's pictures, here's one of our white background Valentine's shots. We did this for our first Valentine's Day which I linked to at the beginning of this post and it's kind of become a tradition. :) It's amazing how much our lives and we change over the years that pass by, but the constant is that Jesus is the center of our marriage and no matter what hits us, we can rely on Him as the foundation of our love for each other. ❤︎

❤︎ US

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day like we did.

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